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Season 1 - Episode 1 - 7 Tools For Becoming more Authentic and Confident

This Episode is an Overview of the Tools and Topics that we will look into in Season 1 of this Podcast. These Tools will help you learn more about yourself, get more confidence and have better interactions with other People.  They will also give you the Foundation for becoming happier, more disciplined and more confident in your Ability to achieve Greatness.

1. Connect with Yourself

  • Reflect about your Past, accept your History and value Successes

  • Find your Core Values 

  • Ask yourself what is important to you

  • Think about what makes you the happiest

  • Do a personality Test like the one ​


2. Challenge Yourself

  • Think outside the Box 

  • Get out of your Comfort Zone

  • Try something hard but achievable

  • Learn new Skills, obtain new Knowledge

3. Be Hard on Yourself and Empathetic towards Others

  • Reflect on your Actions and Interactions

  • Practice Mindfulness by Journaling or Meditating

  • Look into Stoicism, a Philosophy designed to emphasize positive Emotions

  • Have high moral Standards and live according to them


4. Be Confident in who You are

  • Love Yourself and overcome limiting Beliefs

  • Think of your past Successes and be proud of them

  • Live in the Present, not too much in the Past or the Future

  • Stop thinking "If X happens, then..." 

  • Start thinking what you can do now to improve and work towards your Goal

5. Don't please Others

  • You will respect Yourself less and so will Others

  • You will be less trustworthy and more manipulative

  • Stand by Your Beliefs and your Values

  • Have a high Level of Integrity and show this in your Actions

6. Find Your Balance

  • Don't try to do everything in One Day

  • Start thinking more Long-Term

  • Don't get frustrated if you're not managing everything

  • Look at your Long-Term-Goals and incrementally set yourself up to achieve them

7. Do what you love

  • Find a Hobby and make it your Passion

  • You will be more fulfilled

  • You will be more productive

  • You will inspire Others

  • You will succeed

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