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Leading Better Lives is a Podcast about Leadership, Communication and Collaboration with other People. By focusing on Self-Discovery and the various Ways on how to become a better Person yourself, you will soon be able to have better Relationships in and outside of Work, inspire others to grow and live a happier Life. 


My name is Marco, born 1992 in Maribor, Slovenia, grew up in Ingolstadt Germany. After Highschool I went to study Sports, Culture & Event Management in Kufstein, Austria. There I was part of an NPO called "genussmittel" that organized Student Events. During my Studies I went for a Semester abroad to Bangkok, Thailand and for an Internship to Yangon, Myanmar. The Experiences outside of Europe shaped me and kickstarted my Journey of Self-Developement. Coming back to Europe, I first struggled to find a Job in my field before about a year later, I got the Opportunity to work as a Project Manager to help organize the first Skateboard World Cup in Graz. After the second year I got recruited by a Corporation that allowed me to open up a Logistics Center in the second biggest City in Austria. In this Job I had to start from Scratch, by setting up the Location, recruiting my whole Team and running the Operations. This Experience quickly made me realize how important it is for me to work in a Team and how much I enjoy developing myself and other People. Four Years later, I am still working for the same Company, after having climbed the ranks into a Leadership Position in which I am now putting my focus on developing the Team and it's Individuals and further improving my Skills as a Leader and Coach.

About 10 years ago I came in touch with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the first time but unfortunately I did not really pick it up until only 3 years ago. Since then I am hooked and spending a lot of time practicing it, learning new Skills and Techniques while also trying to convince all of you out there to start this amazing Sport and Lifestyle which will help you gain better Health, Fitness, Confidence and the Tools to defend yourselves and your loved Ones. Since 2019 I am living in the beautiful Alpine City of Innsbruck in Tyrol, Austria. In the Winter it's a Paradise for Snowboarding and Touring, whereas in the Summer it is great for Hiking. 

I love reading Books, especially the ones that help me understand Humans, Nature, Politics, Economics and Philosophy better, but I also like the occasional Novel. 

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